About Me

Who am i?

My name is Christine ,I'm all about my Family & my Business first. Growing up for me wasn't all glitz and glamour. It was tough. Out of all the struggles life threw at me, I managed to pull through. Everything I went through, helped mold me into the Woman & Mother I am today! I am proud of myself & thanks God Every day for my blessings! Before Opening my store I was a paralegal in the Personal Injury field & before that I was in the medical billing & coding field. I enjoyed doing both careers & had plenty of jobs before those careers, But I felt fashion was my calling.

Why should you shop with us?

We are sincerely all about making women feel and look confident! We are all queens in our mind, body, & soul. We shouldn't be ashamed to take chances. God built us all beautiful and strong. That's how I want you to feel when you shop with us & walk out the door. 

Just a reminder

If you have ANY questions or concerns, Please feel free to contact me directly at Dymondz Boutique. If your not able to reach me, Please leave me a voicemail & I will def. get back to you ASAP!! Thanks and have a blessed day!!